Help With Download urls

im trying to get a spacebuild server running ive set the dl url up uploaded all the files to there folders and put the addons maps/materials/and models on the file server like the wiki said to.

but the files arent downloading to the clients ive been at this for a week and decided to try and get some help.


Are you sure the file structure is correct? It should be something like

If it’s not a http address or however you say it, it won’t work.

Are you sure sv_downloadurl is set properly in your server.cfg?

sv_downloadurl ""

Is how it should look. Make sure you have the http:// and the trailing “/” at the end.

Are you sure the files have the correct permissions set?

sv_downloadurl “
all folders for gmod are in that directory
matrials, models , ect, ect…
and you said something about permissions

didnt read nothing about that should they be 755 or 777 or something ?

It Is downloading custom maps and such but not the materials and models for addons and such
the wiki said extract the materials, models, ect. folders from the addons and put them on the webhost as if they werr normal models and materials, ect…
i did that as well as upload the addons folder so there up there bothways

Make sure to put them in a directory rather than the main site. Be sure that there is no index.html anywhere in the trunk to block the server from viewing files. Set the sv_downloadurl to the content index and not the main page. IE if you have your folders in and and so on, you would set the sv_downloadurl to

Look at your error_log file to see if there are any errors involving your garrymod directory on your webhost. It is an easy way to determine if a folder name should be capitals or not and if the folder structure is set up correctly.

I changed the directory structure.

cant find it and the log file in logs doesn’t show anything its blank

is there a specific command to put in the cfg to make it beside normal log settings ?

Don’t worry about it then, it is most likely turned off in apache or whatever you use anyway with the sv_downloadurl in your server.cfg make sure it looks like
“sv_downloadurl “””
Remember you do NOT want the “/” at the end!

ok checked it and it seems correct

question about folder structure with the addons

i installed them with svn dont know what the folder name should actually be
shout the folder names match whats in the info file in the particular addon’s folder?