Help with downloading maps

I’m trying to put maps on Gmod, but nothing works. Could someone help me out?

Where are you putting them in the garrysmod/garrysmod directory? A .bsp file should go in the folder named maps, but if the map you downloaded comes in a folder which contains a file named info.txt, then the entire folder should be placed within the folder named addons.

I’m putting them in the “maps” folder.

The only thing you should ever put in the maps folder are .bsp’s. Are you putting any folders inside ‘maps’?

I am putting .bsps in the maps folder, along with some .tga files that I was told to put in there. And yes, I have the map folders I’ve downloaded.

Just in case this arises too, I am putting .sav files in the save folder with some .tgas.

Are you moving the .bsp’s straight from the zipped folder?

Also, are you sure you’re not just being stupid and not looking hard enough.

I’ve done that before when I had a typo in the name of a map I made.

.tga files are just images. You don’t need to do anything with them.

Oh, and if the folder structure in the .zip file is “Map name/More files” check and see if there’s a file called “info.txt” If that’s there, you need to extract the entire folder to garrysmod/addons.