Help with Downloads

i cant figure out how to downloada building and spawn it on gmod what folder do oyu put them in?

Are you talking about advanced duplicator files?

Building i downloaded like my friend spawns buildings already built

I’m pretty sure those are advanced dups.

Do you have wiremod installed?

no lol im really new and like i just brought the game 4 days ago :slight_smile:

Then maybe this will help.

Don’t use that tutorial. It makes you get loads of invisible .svn folders that slow down your GMod. This tutorial will tell you how to remove them so that your Gmod doesn’t get slow:

I thought that was only with stargate :eek:

TortoiseSVN downloads invisible “.svn” folders which it uses to keep track of which files you have downloaded (so that when you click update it knows which files you don’t have). Exporting copies the folder, but doesn’t copy the “.svn” folders. If you don’t export, GMod will load them, thinking they are part of the addon… increasing load times a lot.