Help with draw.roundedbox, draw.simpletext

Hey, i’ve been editing one hud and i only have one problem left, it’s that the draw.simpletext is behind the draw.roundedbox, isn’t appearing as it should be.

elseif client:IsUserGroup("superadmin") then draw.SimpleText("Superadmin", "DarkRPPublicHUD2", 20,70, Color( 255,255,255,255 ) )


draw.RoundedBox( 6, 10, 1042, 175, 26, mainbgcolor)
 local mainbgcolor = Color(0,0,0,100)

draw your rounded boxes first

make text and labels last

i even illustrated it for you in case you cant read

Yeey! Thanks that worked, i can read no need for your annoying .gifs :frowning: