Help With drawing text over player

I am trying to draw a text saying “RAIDING” in red over a players head when he/she does /raid. All I need help with is the actual drawing part. I want it so everyone will be able to look at the player and it would say “RAIDING” over his head. I tried 3d2d text but it wont work please help.

Have a playersay hook on /raid and make a for k, v in pairs( player.getAll() ) do and use net.Send( v ) then every client will receive the net message. In the client file just make the 3D2D Screen. Hope that helps.

Yeah I already have that I am just having trouble on making the text.

This should help you out. (Check the examples section)

I don’t know what exactly is unclear about 3D2D but here is a pretty good example.

Just use the surface library as normal but than in a 3D space using vectors.

Like the placement, how do I place the text right above the players head?

There is a lot of examples already made with exactly same functionality, can you even try to google it?

Try using ply:GetPos() and screwing around with the vectors.

If you like watching videos to learn from then this is a pretty good one and will certainly help you out.