Help with /drop -- Can't find DarkRP thread

Can’t drop any weapons!

isn’t it /dropweapon ?

I can’t find any logs and /dropweapon doesn’t work

Did this recently stop working?


– bump – still need some help its unresolved

You need to provide more information. Did you recently add any addons to cause this? Have you tried more than 1 weapon?

I have not added much addons, it seemed to stop working after I added a inventory system

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Which I then removed the inventory system and didn’t fix it.

i’m really stupid probably but for future knowledge is darkrp letting u drop weapons defaultly by typing /drop weapon or do u have an addon that lets you do this?

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and also could this help?

When I type /drop it just says it in chat and doesn’t do it

remove ALL your addons and give it a try. Just rename your entire addons folder in your FTP so it won’t read it and do a server reboot. Report back with results. Nothing hard just right click it and rename it to addonss so it won’t get mounted

exactly he should of done that first because if its not his addons he will probably have to go ask the creator or redownload darkrp