Help with Drugz_mod?

I’m not sure if this is where I would put this, because I’m new, and I also can’t access Search for some reason.

But, I’ve installed Drugz_mod on my DarkRP server. The only problem I am having, is when you buy the item, you can’t consume it, or “Use” it if you will. You can only pick it up with a gravity gun and walk around with it or put it in your pocket.

It still charges you the money for buying the drugs, but you can’t consume them and enjoy their special effects. Anyone know what the problem would be?



Please help, this is the only problem I’m having with my server. Also, the same thing is happening when Terrorist class purchases Mad Cow C4. Can’t pick it up, same with drug modz. Everything else is perfectly fine though. Please help people.

-.- Bump, yet again. COME ON, HELP ME PLEASE. This is the only thing holding my server back. Please just help.

Oh god… No.