Help with Drunk Combine V3

I guess that I shouldn’t be making a thread for this but nevertheless I am out of options. I got Drunk Combine a couple days ago and I never have gotten it to work. I put it into my Adv. Dupe but when i spawn it, an error appears at the bottom of the screen talking about how my wire expression 2 is invalid. ??? I have wire but Im not very good with it. Help would be appreciated :smiley:

Delete Drunk Combine, no one likes it - especially in multiplayer.

Yeah I probably will if i cant get it fixed in a week

Sounds good!

What is it about this place, someone asks for help, you get their opinion on how stupid they are, or what they are trying to do, rather then help…
Do you have the full SVN version of wiremod, not one downloaded from elsewhere?

It’s not really that, it’s the drunk combine.

Two things people tend to hate here:
the drunk combine in preticular, and people using dupes and e2’s that others made. Most of us aren’t about to help people with BOTH of those. That’s like someone putting you into a torture machine, and you saying, “here, let me help you with that.”

OP, I have two pieces of advice, first of all, do not mention the drunk combine here. Second of all, make your own contraptions and expressions. That is cheating, being lazy, and is really looked down upon. Your own e2 will be better suited for your exact purpose anyway.

Now, the issue your having is more with wire, and I am willing to help with WIRE. The likely issue is, you have an outdated wire, and the chip is running some functions that your client wire doesn’t have. To assure the latest wire, you must use SVN. Any model errors are likely sue to the same reason, unless it’s the couch or the combine, then it’s a lack of episodic content.

Please, learn e2 yourself, learn to build yourself, and do that. No one can make an e2 for your exact purpose besides you. Besides, no one appriciates your use of someone elses hard work. I hate the drunk combine, but I can appriciate the work that went into it. Just the seemingly simple task of animating the legs requires trig. Also, it’s far more fun to play with your own code and math, you get a lot of satisfaction out of it.

We really need bad spelling back …


Baldo, I agree with you 100%! In fact I hate it when i use other’s things for something Im doing. But Im an idiot when it comes to wire-mod. I just really don’t understand how the whole system works. But i hope to learn soon. And yes I do have svn but i lost the link for wire. If you have it i would much appreciate it :smiley:
BTW neko, I can’t stand it when people talk lik thies! itz hards for ppls to understnds what youz r sayin.I find it Immature. :stuck_out_tongue:

All wire is is logic implementation. Thats all e2 is too really, its just logic. Same as using logic gates and other gates, just more streamlined. Wire is basically just logic implementation into gmod. It consists entirely of:

if something
do something else

basically, you wire your if to your then, or any modifiers in between. [/terrble explanation] I’d be happy to teach you in game if you want. Ill warn you, my teaching isnt much better then my spelling in that im not exactly patient.

As a matter of fact, I do have a that link. The following page includes the svn and how to install it (its a tad differant then other svns)


Thanks for the help and advise guys :smiley:

Neither can I , I was reffering to the rating of bad Spelling, to rate someone who was spelling bad

Add me on steam if you want me to teach you wire. Let me warn you, I am not exactly patient. However, I am willing to try. My attack on teaching wire/e2 seems to work if people can maintain their attention span long enough. Basically it goes like this

I teach the syntax, then I teach logic, then I help you with functions you cant figure out. There is one thing I wont do:

I will not give you code, aside from perhaps a few lines as demonstrations of how the logic/syntax works, then explain them at length.

Wire is not about blind memorization. No, as much as you think it will, looking at others code will NOT help you. I promise it wont.

Usually when anyone makes a thread about needing help, the two responses you will always get are “You’re dumb” and “OMG PIRATED!”

Yeah as if nothing can go wrong with the normal non pirated steam version

It cant really, aside form addon conflictions. Gmod will not break on its own.

Or badly written addons, or out of date, or got from the wrong source, the point is not every error means pirated.

The ones that mean pirated are unique. That’s generally the case when someone comes in complaining about how nothing works, and things crash randomly. Often people make the mistake of admitting it too.

When I said addon conflictions, I ment both with other addons, AND the system