Help with Entity and AddVelocity

I want to Entities using hopped on the activator.
But he can not find a position player.

function ENT:Use( ply, caller )
	self:GetPhysicsObject():AddVelocity( ply:GetPos() )

Thanks in advance.

Subtract the entity’s position from the player’s.


Numbers have an operation called subtraction. If you’ve ever heard of addition, it’s the opposite of it: instead of making the number larger from putting two values together, you make it smaller by pulling off of a number. For example, let’s say Johnny has 5 apples. If he were to find 3 apples, he would now have 8 apples since 5 + 3 = 8. In case you don’t remember why that is, take 5 fingers, then count up 3 more and see how many fingers you have now. Subtraction does the opposite where you remove fingers – if Johnny has 5 apples and eats 3, he will now have 2 apples left since the ones he ate are in his stomach now! This can be mathematically written as 5 - 3 = 2. The subtraction operator is like the plus-sign (+) without the vertical line; think less lines means you are taking things away, just like subtraction!

In all seriousness, you just need to what you were doing before, but subtract the entity’s position from the argument. Ex.

blah:AddVelocity(ply:GetPos() - self:GetPos())

Not sure if this actually achieves what you want: also test with self:SetVelocity instead of PhysObj:AddVelocity if it doesn’t work.

Wow. Very grateful.

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