Help With Entity Creating

I know its still LUA coding with entities, but I don’t know if this is the right forum. But whatever. Ok, so I need some help. Can anyone give me some tips on how to start off creating entities? And maybe a good one start off editing? Thanks,


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ents.Create( “ent_name_here” )

Thats not really a tip. But thanks for trying. I am a beginner and i wanna try and edit someone else stuff so its easier. Any tips on one to start on like when I started editing a harpoon launcher. I need a good thing to edit. And some tips. Any of you guys got any?

Edit the perfectly harmless companion cube, then release it to the public.

Editing code, in my opinion, is worse than coding from scratch and you tend to learn less.

Make something simple, just be creative. It can be a bathtub that flings itself into people who get too close and growls like a dog if you want as long as it is coded by you.

I don’t know any entity coding I’m asking you guys for help :P. And thanks Sippeangelo

Then find out.

How will you learn by editing others work if you don’t even understand how to create an entity? exists for a reason. Asking to be spoon fed here is not the best way to learn how to script. <-- Scripted Entity tutorials.

“Asking to be spoon fed here is not the best way to learn how to script.”

This is a forum were you get this thing called HELP and thats how it works. So if you’re not gonna give it then don’t bother.

DuelinCheese do you know Lua at all like doyou know the basics? and you need help with the flavor of gmod or are you starting with absolutly no knowledge? if you have some knowledge of Lua (basics) then use the gmod wiki it has tutorials and important functions. If your starting with no knowledge of Lua. Read programming in Lua. i hope this helps most people on these forums dont like the general i dont know lua how do i start questions or the how do i code this part of this they are good at helping debug code or help with a specific function you dont know how to use but if it involves explaining the creation of something big(kind of depending on how complicated you want to get) I find it would be best to ask some one you know that is willing to help rather than the broad audience of facepunch.

There is a difference between asking a question (which you got the answer to) and asking everyone to do it all for you.

No offence, but mature up. You were told how to create an entity by the original reply and I just linked you to 2 tutorials on example SENT’s which are simple. If you read those you should know pretty much all you need to know. Oh and you’re welcome by the way for the links I gave you, seeming as you ignored the actual help I gave.

If you do not understand them learn the basics first like the link cloudwolf provided.

I do have knowledge of LUA. I can make all sorts of weapons. And RP classes so I think I can understand if you gave me a decent tutorial.

What is wrong with :

its just 1 page further then the page emz gave you…

I used that thanks emz!