Help with EntityTakeDamage

I’m making a script where the player is emitting sounds on damage and death.
Here’s a basic test code that I saved in addons/HurtSounds/lua/autorun/server and named sv_HurtSounds:

if CLIENT then return end 

function playerTakeDamage( victim, dmginfo )
	print("something is damaged")
	if(not victim:IsPlayer()) then return false end 		//bail out if the hurt entity is not the player
	print("the player is damaged")
hook.Add("EntityTakeDamage", "playerTakeDamage", playerTakeDamage);

As a test, I’m printing to the console everytime anything is damaged. But that’s the problem, It doesn’t print anything 90% of the time.
If I take fall damage, then it prints both messages and play a sound. If an NPC damages me, it doesn’t print anything.
Also, it doesn’t print anything either when I damage props, except when I damage gibs (broken prop pieces).

I’m still a Lua noob so I’m not sure why it’s not always activated. What am I doing wrong? Could other addons affect the code?

still haven’t solved it