Help with "error" player models

Ok so i have been told buy some people that they are seeing “error” on some of them player models but then some people are saying its fine! Does this mean i haven’t got my FastDL set up correct or what?


It could but it could also mean the people who are seeing errors have downloads turned off besides maps.
Although if the players who cna see it already downloaded it from another server that could be why meaning your fastdl is broken.

Quick Way to know its working:

  • Make sure you have set sv_downloadurl
  • Make sure the url is setup like ttt/garrysmod/models
  • Make sure the lua file for downloads is in lua/autorun/server
  • Make sure your using the correct commands to download files
  • Make sure the file paths are correct in the lua file

Here is a link for the commands to add files:

Isn’t the place to put the fastdl resource file in /lua/autorun/ ?

Carlossc is correct, Bran92don. The correct location would be “garrysmod/lua/autorun”

Oh i have always had it in “garrysmod/lua/autorun/server”

It does say when someone joins my server that the items are being downloaded via the workshop!

Tad confused now lol

It works in both but if its in autorun only its gonna try and run on both client and server when it should only be ran on the server