Помогите с ошибкой. Help with error.

Disconnected: unresponsive
When I join any server I am able to run around for about 5-20 seconds before getting disconnected with the error ‘Disconnected: Unresponsive’. During this time I can see people typing in the chat and I can also type, but I can’t see replies due to disconnecting.

I can move around but when I hit trees I don’t get any wood or my torch makes the light sound but doesn’t light. I can open inventory. I have also had a couple times where I can’t wake up.

I’ve tried looking for help but nothing, multiple others posts with no damn answers. Please can I get some help with this.

Yes I’ve tried re installing, verifying, restarting all those thigns to no avail.

You could try resetting/power cycling your modem router, or perhaps checking if a firmware update is available.

Rust sends and receives many hundreds of UDP packets per second, and can cause issues with some networking hardware.

Tried it, can it affect the fact that I have windows 10?

Yes, I don’t think windows 10 is supported yet, at least the beta wasn’t.