Help with ExpPlus and DarkRP

Me and my friend decided to do a server/gamemode/whatever.
As a base we used DarkRP and ExpPlus.
I erased the base classes, leaving only basic functionality of DarkRP.
The problem is that when i spawn i get no weapons, neither on level up.
Tried suiciding,everything.
Is there anyway to disable the DarkRP weapon spawning, so it is overrided by ExpPlus?

Also: ExpPlus works perfectly in sandbox.

Look in main.lua, find the part that handles weapon spawns and quote out the key part of it. Don’t quote the entire function it may cause darkrp to become unstable, just the midle of the function making the function do nothing.

Gamemode hooks and functions are found in sv_gamemode_fucntions.lua, not main.lua

Man, people still use that thing. I ought to update it some time.

To answer your question, yes, ExpPlus overrides the default weapons management system. The idea being, you get more weapons as you level up. However, you can easily disable this behavior. In the ExpPlus addon, go to lua/autorun/server and open the exp_powerups.lua file.

At the top, there are several options that look like this:

[lua]local UP_RUN = 1 // Increase run speed, set to 0 to disable
local UP_WALK = 1 // Increase walk speed
local UP_JUMP = 1 // Increase jump power
local UP_SWEPS = 1 // Give different weapons
local UP_ARMOR = 1 // Increase armor
local UP_HP = 1 // Increase health[/lua]

Where it says “UP_SWEPS”, change that to equal 0.