Help with Extracting N64 Models.

How would i go about extracting models from N64 games.
What tools do you reccommend i use.
Also how hard is it to get models from the and Original Xbox game? i suspect very hard.

Not sure if it is feasible or even possible.

And why would you do this? Do you know how ugly the models would look?

Get an N64 emulator and a copy of 3D Ripped DX.

I’ve seen people with N64 models, and why? because i want to get the models from some awesome games, who cares if they are blocky.

Oh and thanks hiddenmyst.

You use the nemu64 emulator along with a plugin that extracts all models within the game’s frame that you are looking at. I can’t really help too much currently because I am on my iPod Touch, but try googling or even youtubing a tutorial.

Here’s a nice video tutorial I found on YouTube: