Help with FastDL

Hi, first of all I don’t know if this is the proper section to post it in (couldnt really find something more fitting than dev discussion) but anyway, I’m having a bit of trouble setting up FastDL on my DarkRP server. I’ve been using workshop downloads with resource.AddWorkshop() for the longest time now and I’m considering switching over to fastdl. So I tried setting one up, following this tutorial and I seem to be doing all the steps correctly, I used Fox-warrior’s resource generator with all my addons that have folders specified in the tutorials in them, put all the entries (I’m using resource.AddSingleFile() btw) in one file named fastdl.lua in my lua/autorun directory (it starts with “if !SERVER then return end”), and copied everything from each addon into the compress directory in bzip, merging it, the folder structure looked correct, so I ran the .bat. It worked, I uploaded it to my fastdl mirror and set the sv_downloadurl. However now when I’m starting my server I get a ton of messages in console saying “Warning: Table downloadables is full, can’t add “file\path\goes\here.extension”)” Could someone help me out w/ this?

Edit: I don’t use hosting (dedicated server) so I host my website myself, the sv_downloadurl is set correctly, I checked it.

Anyone there? I’ve tried redoing the whole thing but I get the same error.