Help with FastDL

My server has been giving me a warning saying it cant add stuff to my downloadable tables because its full, I have completely removed the file i have my FastDL setup through and it still gives me this problem saying it cant add all my stuff to the downloadable tables. I don’t have this file anywhere else so what would be my issue?

Can you post what the exact error is?

The exact error is it cant add stuff to the downloadable tables, anything at all even when i remove the file containing all resource.AddFile() info it still gives the same problem of the downloadable tables being full.

Again, can you post a picture of the exact error?

Seems like one of your addons is FastDLing everything in the models/materials/sound/etc folders.

Its supposed to and as i said, this says it for everything

Do you know why im getting this issue? Garrysmod supports over 8,000 downloadable files, so why am i getting issues with just 4,000 and with the file not even in the server directory.

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And also, no addon is adding anything to the FastDL, everything is from me.

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Each model exists out of multiple files, so if you have 4k .mdl’s it will actually have like 16k files added. That’s over the limit of 8k.

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Either way, turn your content into a workshop addon and let players download that instead. Workshop addons don’t have a file limit (although there is a maximum size limit, but you can just split up the content into multiple addons to avoid that.)

Workshop content is too slow, i think im going to use resource.AddSingleFile() instead

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Plus also its not adding any extra files as everything is there, and this was working when i had 8000k lines of files then downsized, so if me downsizing my addon list goes over the downloadable tables limit then i don’t know what to do.

I thought workshop dl was much faster?