Help with fileRead() and fileFind() with .txt and Data folder

Hello guys I understand how fileRead() and fileFind() in terms of .lua files in the LUA directory, however, for some reason when I try with .txt files in the DATA folder I’m having issues finding and reading from the file.

My .txt file location is at: …garrysmod/addons/[addon name]/data/fileiwant.txt

fileiwant.txt contents are: “Hello.”

What I’ve attempted in order to find / read from the file :

--Method 1: Locate the file
local files, directories = file.Find( "*", "DATA" )
PrintTable( files ) -- Shows a table of files that does not include fileiwant.txt

--Method 2: reading from fileiwant.txt directly
local Data = file.Read( "fileiwant.txt", "DATA" )
print ( Data ) -- Prints nil rather than "Hello." likely because it isn't found.

Does the .txt file have to be downloaded by the client? Am I just not placing it/seeking it correctly?

The data isn’t stored in your Addon Data, it’s stored in your server data. Garrysmod/data

Thank you! Everything is looking good.