Help with finding addons.

Basically I want to play spacebuild with a friend but I want to do it properly. I want us to have fights and have to come back and refuel using Life Support.

However I want both of us to be limited to certain resources, via money or some other system (I don’t know) because I will be using the “Combat Damage System” I don’t want an insane spamming of thousands of turrets over mine or my mates ship which would just ensure a win.

Also I used to use addons along time ago (Long since I’ve started playing Gmod or come to these forums) most of these addons I can’t find, the one I’m most interested in is one that allowed you to make cannons and weapons but these would require munitions and I believe (not sure) but stuff like this would work in sync with wire mod.

So are there any mods out there that limit the players to certain resources (perhaps money) and for the player to make better use of his own resources to get the upper hand, and if anyone can help me find a addon like I mentioned or alike I would be very greatfull.

no. Get spacebuild, Get LS3, get Gcombat. done.

No what? Can you explain more about Gcombat, I really want to focus on munitions and resources otherwise it’s just an unbalanced stupid brawl I want there it to be good!