Help with freezing

For some strange reason i cant join dedicated servers or servers that in the begining of them pops up a box with rules, etc. Like on most rp servers… well whenever that box pops up, most of the time the game just freezes, like the first 5 milla seconds i can walk or chat, but then the box just pops up and freezes the game. Its really weird, same thing happens when i start up tutorials in the menu…

Soo, i have my ports 1200, 27000, 27015, 27020 and 27039 all forwarded. also my friends cant join my multiplayer server :frowning: can anyone help me?

Download gamebooster!
and install new drivers…
i hoped it helped

Okay… Im pretty sure m drivers are up to-date, so what is this gamebooster?

Gamebooster speed up ur games!
I had it to, not BE sure that your drivers are up to-date just try to install new games!
I did it to… i hoped it helped x2

Alrite, thanks, i figured out my driver was not up to date, fixed that, now i still cannot… When i shut down all prefersences, i can join some servers i could not before, butnow i really want to join the fallout server mod, but it does the same, what should I do, I really dont want to try “gamebooster”

Also the driver I updated was for nvida, should i get any more?

Thanks for everythin

well, the issue is when MOTD (the box with server info) pops up, it takes some extra resources compared to regular playing (once the box is all loaded, it isn’t that bad).

Can you post your Computer Specs?

Um how can i get those very fast?


I hope this helps :o

soo, can anyone help with my MOTD problem?

It’s a bit of ULX. Happens to me too, don’t mind it.

So I can never join that server?