Help with func_dustmote

I cannot find it under my entity list, I am using EP2 hammer.

Any ideas why?

It’s not a point entity, if that’s the problem.

You need to make a nodraw brush and make it into a func_dustmotes.

doesnt need to be nodraw.
tools/toolstrigger works best, as it is ignored by vbsp, but any texture wont show up.

At least from things I’ve heard, using trigger for dustmotes is glitchy…

Experience tells me otherwise.

Any texture “works best” for things like this. It’s not like you are going to get different levels of performance or visual effects because you use the trigger texture instead of nodraw.

Not sure how to “Turn” it into an entity, is it the same as tieing it to an entity?


ctrl + T is your friend.


It’s ignored by VBsp anyway, since func_dustmote is an entity, regardless of what texture you use.

Thanks for clearing that up.
Trigger is good to use because it helps sort out what brushes are what, and you can see through it.