Help with gamemode.

Ok I have an idea that I think would be an excellent game.
The idea is a fighting type game.
Death Match
Capture the Flag
Capture the Point

However since alot of pvp games ideas have been taken I decided
to come up with a different idea.

Pirates vs. Ninjas
(my idea no stealing it)

However this would be my first gamemode so I will need some help with it.
I would try to enter this into the fretta contest.

I would need a mapper and someone to help me with the coding.
So post here if you wish to help.

So you probably want to take the majority of the money for a generic gamemode where you do 1/3 of the coding and no mapping?

Do people just automaticly assume that just because it is my idea it means
that I would not give people that do work the credit they deserve.
If someone helps me with this and we were to win the prize would be
split evenly among those who help. just assuming it is entered in the fretta contest and wins.

It’s called fortwars. It’s a lot like what you’re describing…

I’ll map for you a little. Depends what is going to need to be mapped.

I know fortwars exists I was thinking of more a tf2 type game though.
I was going to have the ninjas be able to jump higher if possilble,
run faster, and overall everything faster. However ninjas only would have
melee weapons such as swords (i was going to reskin the crowbar) and throwing knives( i still have to figure out how to do this). And pirates would be slower for everything. Slower running, very little jumping,
howerver heavy weaponry. Rifles, Pistols.
As for the maps could you do just one map for me.
One side of the map would be a port with the pirates respawn point (thier ship)
and the other side a small couple of japanese style huts and buildings (like gm_dojo2 style buildings.)
However you can and I suggest doing whatever you want for your map.
Since it could be better than anything I could do.
Just tell me what the spawn points for each team is.
Like if one team is info_player_combine and the other is info_player_rebel
Of course work on this whenever you want. And don’t make it too large.
I don’t want to make you work anymore than you want to or need to.