Help with Garrys Mod Rube Goldberg Contraption

I’m currently working on a Rube Goldberg contraption for a video that i’m making. However, I ran into a problem; Whenever a certain number of dominoes are tipped over, I drop drastically in FPS. However, when all the dominoes are knocked over, my FPS goes back up to it’s normal state. Is there anyway I can change the way the dominoes act so I don’t get frame rate problems? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Right, my specs…
Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00 GHz
4gb Ram
Geforce 9800 GT 512mb
Win 7 32-bit

The lag you get is the physics engine going crazy trying to figure out the collisions/etc for all the moving physics objects. When they’ve stopped falling they will stay still and your framerate will go back up.

What you can do is open the console before you start the contraption and type in (with sv_cheats as 1):

“host_timescale 0.1”
and then
“record dominoes” (or whatever name you want)

Then start your contraption. The game will move at 1/10th speed, allowing the physics engine to carefully record all the collisions and movement as it runs. Once you’re done, type “stop” in the console.

To watch your demo again, open up the console and type in “playdemo [name]”. The game will play the demo at pretty good fps as the physics aren’t being calculated in real time. Hit Shift+F2 when the demo is playing to bring up the demo options menu.

Hope this helps.

Thank you soo much, that worked perfectly :D!