Help with getting the Star Fox Assault Landmaster model

I’d like to have the Landmaster model from Star Fox Assault, but there’s little to no documentation on how to extract models from this game.
It doesn’t use the same conventional formats for models and shit like most other Nintendo games on the Gamecube.

I know it’s possible to rip from this game, because there are a few models ripped from it on Models Resource, but not the Landmaster.

I’ve Googled the fuck out of it trying to find any tutorial or semblance of information regarding ripping from Assault, and all I can find is an old thread here on Facepunch, tied with a different thread on a Star Fox fan forum that quit getting posted in a while back, and all their vague methods no longer work from what I can tell. I cannot get any DX/OpenGL rippers to work.

If I could get ANY help with this, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.

I believe the Dolphin Gamecube emulator has asset ripping functionality built into it.

Where is it? I have the most latest version I think, (5.0) but I don’t see anything that isn’t just dumping the contents of the disc, which doesn’t help me because there’s even less info about trying to crack into the file formats for the assets. Less being none.

Namco did some weird shit apparently.

Well I tried Intel GPA out of desperation and…