Help with gmod-chrashes.

the instruction at “0x1212853f” referenced memory at :0x0e980454". The memory could not be “read”

This is what I get every time gmod starts up a map, it will load eveyrthing but right when i spawn it crashes and this error shows up. Please help!

Much thanks.

This happens to me sometimes. After a few times my RAM cache got corrupted and I had to do a system restore. Try reinstalling Gmod and run it without any addons.

Right click garrysmod in steam, properties, Boot Options (Or something)
And add:

-heapsize 524288 -nocrashdialog

The first one reserves 512mb Of RAM for gmod, And the second one suppresses some memory errors.

-heapsize <kilobytes> - Specifies the heapsize (in kilobyte) the game will use.
-nocrashdialog - Suppresses some ‘memory could not be read’ unhandled errors