Help with gmod... darkrp

I know you guys probably getting sick of darkrp questions but hopefully you can hold your anger for one more go for me, I recently bought a Gmod server and it’s different then my css server I maintain couple questions off the back.

#1 If I install phx3 or wiremod im hoping people will not have to download that since it is such a large file, will it automatically not download to clients or do I have to set it that way.

#2 I have searched on the forum and found one answer that I did not completely understand so I will ask it again, I installed dark rp, css content, hl2 content for dark rp, I can spawn guns etc but I cannot pick them up/use them.

#3 If I install sweps etc will it automatically download them for clients?

#4 I saw in another gmod server no one had a tool gun but if you where “respected” you could have a tool gun every time you spawn/rejoin the server, is that a custom script or is that just console commands.

That’s all the questions I have at the moment I hope you can indulge and help a noob out.

  1. The PHX and WIRE lua will download if the people dont have WIRE or PHX 3.

  2. That version is bugged, Try a newer edition.

  3. No, They will download lua, and mabye models. But if they dont have it it will be errors.

  4. Not really, Admin mods can do that. I think you can in console aswell. Im not sure.

Hope this helps ya.

Just the lua files will download, not the 200+ mb models and material files correct?

if the person doesn’t have PHX it will download modles and textures. Most do, people that disconnect are usally noobs.

Well the servers ive played on when i didnt have phx or wire I just got error signs when they spawned things and they told me I needed to manually install the files and I did and it worked fine.

yea pretty much if u have PHX and Wire. People that drop are usally noobs/minges and dont no about the mods. So if u see that just ignore it. IT wont download the models really…but there will be alot of lua. So yea…

{OffTopic} Thats what i do to keep minges off of my server. I put the most popular addons in. So when i minge joins they drop. So i no who to look out for.

#1 Clients will download the LUA files only. No models or materials.

#2 Install the SVN version or DarkRP at

#3 Once again, it will download the lua, not the model. To have it download the model, create an LUA file in the autorun directory and for all the files in the models and materials folders add a line with [lua]resource.AddFile(“models/weapons/gun.mdl”)

#4 This is a server command

rp_grant <name> <phys|tool|...>

NOTE: These permissions will still be in effect after rebooting the server, so don’t do it for random people unless you want them being mingebags.