help with gmod

i just bought gmod and day of defeat:source. is this enough to play gmod and play zombie survival online?

Any game with the source engine enables you to play gmod.
Any server with a custom gamemode or map should automatically download to your pc.
Your good to go.:toot:

but zombie survival uses many CSS.

I’m thinking you need that.

Yeah. As long as it isn’t HL2DM or Portal: First slice, you can play it with any source game.
And if you own nvidia, there is a nice offer going on where you can get HL2DM for free…along with peggle and portal: First slice (Its 11 maps from portal).

(Please note, it requires Nvidia to activate the offer, so if you don’t own nvidia, you can’t use the offer)

That offer is still going on?

They had the same exact offer for the ATI users.

The only game actually worth doing that offer for is HL2:DM, seeing as Peggle Extreme is now free and Portal: First Slice was the demo.

They still has ATI offer