help with Halo 3 Beta package

I do not know how to install the models, when I download it shows me 2 folders, matirials and model, but when I put it in gmod addons folder, do not work, could explain step by step how to put the package, please


this is the link

Would be a good idea to read the sticky before posting - you’d realize you’re in the wrong section. Stuff like this goes into Help & Support.

Aren’t you helpful jackpody.

As for the models, if it has a info.TXT file then it goes in the addons folder (should look like garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/<addon folder name>/addon files).

If it does not have a info.txt file then you just drop the materials and models in garrysmod/garrysmod and look for them in the browse tab if you cant find them in the spawn lists.

He’s in the wrong section, I pointed him to the right section. He’s supposed to read the sticky before posting so he knew what section this would go into. Helping him here won’t do much here, he should open one in Help & Support and ask for this one to be closed.