Help With Hammer"Dig Map"?

I want to make a dig map that I can have a button that destroys the remaining blocks and then creates the new ones.

Kind of like the the phys_maps that when you press the button it resets the blocks and you can knock it down again,
but instead of knocking them over the bricks will have “Func_breakable” s You can dig into them.

Name all the breakable blocks to something (because they have to share a name so that we choose all of them in the outputs), I’ll call them “blocks” right now.

Create a point_template, set Template 1 to “blocks” (no quotation marks), name the point_template something.

Now the button, create two outputs like this:
OnPressed - blocks - Break
OnPressed - point_template name - ForceSpawn

Thanks. That’s more simple then I originally thought it would be.

There is a hard limit on 1024 “models” (brush based entities) so you can’t make the map too complex. Also you’ll have to use multiple point_templates if you plan on having a huge number of breakables and spawn them in sequence with breaks between spawnings or the server will crash from too many being spawned at the same time.