Help with hammer; Views missing.

So, a guy I know is having some trouble with hammer, yea I know theres a thread just like this one but he can see the 3 views but their black, he can only see one of the views. Here’s a pic:

Ignore the drawing around the camera image, but as you can see there is only one view total, he has also tried all the obvious stuff like reinstalling, autosizeing the three views and all that. Anyone know of this problem and got a fix?

Tried Shift + Z?

If that doesn’t work, then Tools -> Options -> General -> Untick Use independent windows.

Thanks, gonna ask him after he comes back on.

As a side note, google is your friend for this stuff and this should really be in the question megathread.

If reinstalling didn’t work, delete Hammer’s entry in the system’s registry, should reset all the settings.

Why the fuck did you hide your steam user name if you can just go to your account via the thing under your FP name?