Help With Hammer

Yeah I know the basics of mapping except I dont know how to make a friggin circular brush, how exactly do I make circular brushes and other than the vertex tool is there any way to make a slanted brush? like a ramp, Id like to make that instead of a staircase(takes forever to make) and im horrible with the vertex tool.

  1. block tool on the left, like you would use to make ordinary brushes, then on the right there is a dropdown box that reads “block” change that to cylinder.

2.Practice/clip tool

Thanks man, and for anyone reading I found an easy way to make a ramp, on the dropdown chose wedge, but it will be on its side so you will have to rotate it

Or you could go the faster way and use the clip tool. And stairs are piss-easy. make a brush, then another brush the same size, then another brush the same size…

Clipping tool is the fastest, wedge tool will only slow you down in the long run.
For stairs, follow Diealready, then add 1 thickness lips on them, then put a playerclip slanted so it’s a smooth camera all the way up.
That’s how I do 'em.

:pseudo: stayrz bumpee

Stairs are, in the HL2 configuration, 8 units up and 12 units across. I guess you could add a lip, but the “8 up 12 run” dimensions don’t really affect the camera.