Help with Healthkit and Armor for DarkRP

Hey Guys!

I am setting up a DarkRP server right now and I can’t seem to find any Health or Armor addons. I tried to write one myself but the lua errors indicated that I am not able to do so :C

I would like to use the code from the** original HL2 entities** from Gmod but cant find the files anywhere.
Help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

The original HL2 entities are coded in C++. Unless you’re magical, you wont be able to port them in easy mode. What was your code and what were your lua errors?

I just downloaded an Addon and then used it as an entity for the medic. For the armor i just edited all the “Health” in the commands to “Armor”
I could spawn it with no problems via the tab in the f4 menu. but pressing e didn’t work. (my HP were low)