Help with hexing

I’m trying to hex this skin:

But when I load it in Garry’s Mod it’s the default model with the default skin.

Did you:
A)Go all the way to the bottom of the code in the model file and change the material path
B)Change the material path in the vmf

How do I do that?

Do you know how to hex? What have you done so far?

Only weapons. I’ve read other tutorials on how to hex ragdolls, but I get the same result.

I’ve changed the models name in the folder and in XVI32(hex editor).

Well then change the folder name in the materials and then open up the vmf with notepad and make your changes. Then open up the model again, and go all the way to the bottom. Change the material path just like the vmf and then the model will be finished.

Thank you so much!

No problem. Hope everything works out.