Help with HFB Server

I’m not sure if this is the right place, but I’m having a hard time finding information on this issue. Yesterday my server crashed while playing. Usually, I just stop the server and restart, no biggie. Well, this time, the server status is set to Unknown and I can’t access anything in the CP. Even trying to view my log files I get “Cannot connect to remote server”. I’ve tried contacting HFB, I’ve put in 2 tickets and haven’t heard back and it’s been a good 14 hours or so. Am I just SOL until they contact me, or is there anything I can do on my end. Also, does anyone know if this is something I could have caused, or just an issue with HFB? Thanks to anyone that can help.

If your status is unknown & your IP is unreachable by any means (ping, ftp requests, etc.) Then chances are, the datacenter has null routed your IP & ports for an 8 hour time period (could be longer, don’t quote me on it) due to a DDoS attack on the IP. Your server (hopefully) will be back in in 24 hours. I recently just went through this nightmare with HFB yesterday. My server went down in the middle of the night due to some DDoS attacks. We put a ticket in as soon as the server went down. It has been well over 24 hours since that happened, and we have YET to receive a response on our tickets. Our server is back online, but our ticket is still open… We still technically don’t know why the server went down, we can only guess…

I summed up the experience to making the decision to move to a different host. I’m sorry you’re experiencing the same thing is as well. It’s quite frustrating.

Hmmm, I had a feeling it was a DDoS attack, but I wasn’t entirely sure. I’ve spent a little while Googling some information and I did read about the 8 hour thing. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Depending on how HFB deals with my situation, I may consider moving to a different host as well. Thanks again.

If they get DDOS’d at all, they just shut down the servers.

You cant get help with HFB here on these forums for one, for two you cant get help from HFB. Your first problem is you ARE with HFB, they dont care for there customers, look at how little they give word to there customer base from twitter while they are continuously being DDOS and taking servers down.

Just request to cancel your server and say the reason for you doing so is because your server has been down for so long and you have received no support. I did that and got a response within 15 minutes.

We NEED more NA server providers from more reliable companies, our choices right now are atrocious especially on the east coast