Help with importing animation into Garry's Mod

Dear Facepunch community, I need help !

I have been teaching myself animation. In my 3rd day of animating I did a very simple animation that I want to import into Garry’s Mod so I can add it to an NPC Pyro and make kinda like a short movie. You can see it here. I have the animation done and I have the .smd file but I don’t know how to continue. I saw somewhere that I need a .qc file and then I need to compile it but I have no clue what to put in the .qc file or how to compile it. So can anyone help me and tell me what the f to do ?

Thank you in advance !

Try here:

Then compile de .qc file with GUIStudioMDL:

Okay I write the file but when I go to Model Viewer or Face Poser I cant see the animation and the model that I told the file to use doesnt have textures (I know why … because I didnt specify the textures) and doesnt want to move or do anything … Do I have to load the model from the source sdk folder or what ? I’m clueless please help me :frowning:

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Can anyone tell me what to do ?

I am having the same exact problem.

I created animations for a ragdoll I’m trying to turn into an NPC (not on valve biped), and can’t figure out how to get them working.

Model Viewer isn’t finding the animations.