Help with improving server performance


I am occuring some lag spikes on my server and want to figure out where they came from.
I installed DbugR to see which Timers/Hooks etc are called often or with a high value. Everything seems okay, except one timer which is called with a really high value.
Theres a timer called DF_PlyUpdateTimer which has a value of approximately 600-1000.
I tried to find out which addon is calling this timer, with no success.
The timer is created in a RunString function and I’m wondering how I can check where the RunString is located, that calls this timer.

I hope anybody can help me with this!

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Also theres a net receiver with a size of 500000, named df.ReceiveData.

Found the issue, it was a Scoreboard from Scriptfodder.
And I thought addons are optimized when you pay for them…

I removed it and the lags are solved.