help with invisible model.

Hello i made a ragdoll and i can see it in the model viewer and even in the spawn menu, but when i try to put in the game she is not there.
What can i do for solving this problem?

check the vmt texture file for the model, make sure its


yes the vmt are all like that. The weird thing is that in the spawn menu i can see the model textured and the same even in the model viewer, but when i try to spawn it i only see a sort of shadow of the model and then it disappead.
What i have to do?

Do you have the model in folder you specified in qc it will be in?

For example:

$modelname "vehicles/cars/nfss_rs4.mdl"

has to be in models/vehicles/cars/

I know it sounds like a stupid question but your symptoms are very similar to what happens if you have this wrong.

yes i have all in the right folders. I’m starting to think that could be a problem of my phymodel. Ithink i have 35 physics in the model. Coul’d be that the problem?

Try to spawn model from above,Have same problems with my ragdolls :3

You have the same problem too?
I can’t spawn the model. The spawn icon is there , but when I try to spawn her all that happens is a shadow appears on the ground where she WOULD have spawned. I used the physgun to see if maybe she’s just invisible, a problem with a texture or something, but it didn’t pick anything up. Like there was nothing there.

Try to spawn ragdoll from sky that should work :stuck_out_tongue:

Np i solve the problem reducing the number of the bones in the phymodel file.:dance:
Now she spawn even if she doesn’t moove as i expected.
Ty for the help and the support:smile:

I know you’ve already figured this out, but that would be the problem.
The most Source can render is 32 collision joints and 128 bones per model.

Yes i realize that after lot of try. Now the ragdoll work. you can find her in the releases section :smile: