help with Iwalk download

hello. since I uninstalled my whole GMOD including the addons, I lost my iWalk in the proccess. so i went to but when I go there, my browser says it has timed out. can anyone provide a link? I think this has something to do with cookies cause my brother borrowed it and he likes clearing up things. he even deleted my warcraft 3, area 51 and other online games. so, does anyone have a link? i’ve been surfing in the net how to fix these damn cookies. it says cookies not allowed in that website blah blah blah I dont know. please help me…
also, with the title, is it informative enough?

Did this help?

nah, man. I think I can’t access garry’ because of this damn cookie. I know that link fully cause I have that mod before I had my laptop. but it was by my uncles and he just gave it to me with all that mods. I also forgot to ask what’s the password and username of his steam account T_T I cant access those websites and we cant contact him because he went to another country. goddamnit. I think will reinstall firefox to allow cookies again. but the sad part is, I can’t neither sign in back in it, and know the username and password. I saved his password in my laptop but it has password protection (which it shows characters in circles and asterisks) and I cant view the password with those asterisks. god damn. goodbye T_T