Help with learning


I have been doing huds and derma for around 6 months now and it bores me and i dont know where to start on learning more server side lua.
I have been reading pil 2nd edition which i have been able to apply to some of the small scripts i have made, i really just want a push in the right direction.

(Please don’t tell me to make a gamemode)

what would you do if you could know lua? try to do it, theres always a wiki to get help. and facepunch.

Make an addon then.

You just need to understand how the client-server model works (the server defines the game rules and serves the players; the client shows HUD).

Try to read other people’s code, you will learn then how to write your own.

i know i should be making an addon but the thing is i have no ideas lol

I started learning lua by simply editing values lol. (I thought I was so smart for doing this…)
I then moved on to some chat commands, using hooks like PlayerSay really helped me understand what hooks are and how they work, etc.
After that I made round events, mainly for ttt.
I also made some custom commands that have a timer/cooldown (Helped my understand and utilize the difference between serverside stuff and clientside stuff)

I’m currently working on a big project (To me it is, not that good with lua) - Creating serverside achievements. This is to understand things like database (I still have no idea how to save something player-specific) and ofc, to have fun and improve.

I think it’s quite obvious I’m coding this for a community, and some people will tell you that it is not the right way to go. But I find coding something for people you care about really helpful motivation-wise.

Ofc, I’m still a pretty bad coder…

Friend me man. I’m really willing to help you out with all your questions and teach you. Todays newbies are tommorows greatest :slight_smile:

Every good addon starts with a good idea. And knowing your addon is great can help motivation a lot. So I would recommend first getting an idea that you’re actually interested in making. Don’t just make to learn, have a goal to work towards, learning along the way. Think of what you would really want in the game and then look into everything you need to know to make that happen :slight_smile:

ply:SetPData(string to identify it, any value as vectors tables…)

If you want you can add me as well in steam.
I can help.

Yeah you would use PData for that. Or MySQL.

Just clone another addon if you don’t know what to make.