Help with life support 2

I think the screenshots explain it the best

Also in the ‘life support’ tab up in the top right nothing shows up either, except RD.

Id like to utilise the features of life support, but i cant.

DOes anyone know how to get the things to show up?

Thanks very much

No one knows how to fix this?


Bumping your thread isn’t recommended (especially 3 times). Since it is conveniently at the beginning of the thread list I will try to do my best to help.

Any problems with Menus and Tabs not showing up in-game for any addon is mainly due to missing content. Make sure you have the latest version of life support 2. The only way to insure the latest version is by using the SVN that is provided in the release thread. You may even want to try a shot at Life support 3, which is in the early beta-stage but still usable for most applications. (LS3 is difficult to find, but it’s out there)