Help with life support

please help me
i am a bit new in spacebuild and i want to know more about it.
what is the point of spacebuild gamemode?
what maps do i need?
how do i use life support?

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The point? There is no point here. Mine asteroids, make colonies, build ships, make a resupply station on earth (or somewhere) & go to space. (I recommend to save the ship with Adv. dupe before going out).

Life support is used to keep you alive in space & in unhabitable planets. Go to resource distribution or life support tabs, spawn a node (For LS3), A storage(s) for some resources and generators. Take out the Link Tool & hook everything with the Resource Node. Then place some controllers in your ship (Air exchangers, Gravity regulators, Climate regulators, Suit dispensers… ) Move your storages to the ship and weld them (Or something else to hold them there). Make a new node there and hook all LS systems in your ship to it. If you dont want to move the storages around then use Resource Pumps . Now GO TO SPACE!

Have fun!

LS2 is similar, except you don’t need nodes, they are generated automatically when you link stuff to each other.

I’ve downloaded this, but it doesent work. Now when I play on sandbox, it still jas the air thing when you go underwater. Any help?


Do you use LS3 & RD3? Does it says Addon:Life support enabled? If it doesnt then you will also need CAF (Custom Addon Framework).

About LS2… There is some great stuff (Like the Ballistic Energy Converter), but it is buggy (at least for me): One time I connect the shieldgen (Catdaemons) to some batteries & a few BICs. I link one, but when i tried to link the other BIC it said some error (LUA I guess) and didnt connect, then i tried it again. Guess what? It screwed my LS systems! All of them!!! Thats the main reason I use LS3.

I downloaded LS3 , everything is fine now, i looked in youtube.


A problem here:
When i enter a map (a spacebuild map) and THERE IS GRAVITY … isnt it to be without gravity?
(sorry my bad english)

Where should and shouldn’t there be gravity?

And where is and where isn’t gravity?

No gravity is only in space (I.e. outside the spheres)

You don’t have to make a resupply station you can make your own resources.

well yea, but that makes lots of LS in ship. I personnaly put only necessaries in my ships (Didn’t complete any :)), unless they ARE the stations.