Help with Light Limit

Hey, when I play on a LAN server with my brother, using CSCdesert night, neither of us can use the toolgun to make a light. Not the lamps, but the light.

we get an error saying.


Thanks for any help!

try sbox_maxlights 8 in console.


The console doesn’t let me type sbox_maxlights at all.

What do you mean “it doesn’t let you?” Does it say that the command isn’t recognized? Does it not let you type?

In your lan game, go to “create multiplayer server” or what ever it is, and drag the slider with max lights up, but don’t hit create.

Everything is set to 200 already.

and what I meant by, ‘it doesn’t let me’ is that the console has an auto-complete, and once I start typing sbox_maxlights 200 it stops at the i in lights, so I continue with the command, and then it says unrecognized command.