Help with list like panels.

Ok i’m working on a project code name project dorris.

ATM i cant reveal what the project is about so i cant tell you really what i’m trying to make so ill ask a similar question that will return an answer i can make use of.

Ok what im trying to do is make a vgui panel.
It will list down the side all the scripted entity’s installed on the server.
then next to every single one it will have 2 buttons: Spawn & Remove.
When you press spawn it will run a function called spawn( ent.ClassName )
When you press Remove it will run a function called remove( ent.ClassName )
(Scroll bars down if posible)

ent.classname will be the class name of the scripted entity corresponding to the buttons.


[ label ] [ button ] [ button ]

[ Hover Drive ] [ spawn ] [remove ]
[ balloon dep ] [ spawn ] [remove ]
[ box of pie ] [ spawn ] [remove ]

It doesn’t have to look cool just run its purpose. Ill be back later tomorrow to check on this thread.

So your amazing “Project Dorris” is going to be written entirely by a random helpful person on Facepunch?

no project dorris is almost finished as it is i need this last part to give it a vgi. I haven’t touched vgui before and i have no idea how to make 1 that does this.
project Dorris is something big that i’m working on and it will be unleashed to the public when its finished.
and I do give credit!


Never heard of vgi.


Also, expect a lot of code errors if you can’t spell properly.

yep. I meant VGUI