Help with Lua Coding on Sanbox

Do ou think you could make a script, if you write /enterwar you will join a war, then you will be vurnable (lose godmode), and you get some weapons, and when you get tired of fighing and want to build again you can type /leavewar and you will get godmode and lose weapons?

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Theres your script for you.

Thanks man your a life saver.


Also can you fix it so you can talk

Made me lol.

Hmm thats true


Lua Scriptng for sandbox hmm its abit easy too do

Well, I got you a script, i didn’t say it would be tested :). I think if you replace line twelve with this:

if name:lower() == cmd:lower():gsub("/") then 

It should do it, but i could be in all honesty very wrong. Ask Maker, he’s the one who’s code i used.

[lua]if string.lower(name) == string.gsub(string.lower(cmd),"/") then
if namelower then prunt’(lol cake maekr is lua gawd111)’ namelower = true ent[/lua]