help with lua in derma

I need help adding a derma menu and a few functions to it.

This is a plant that grows and once at the last stage, can be harvested to get a entity. I want to change it a little bit, at the last stage when you click on it, i want it to open a little derma UI with 2 buttons. One who harvest it(the original function that already is there) And a second button that sells it and give you X amount cash. once one of the buttons are clicked, the window disappear and you get one of those two things and the plant does the original function which is going back to the first stage before seed is added.
This is for darkRP.

This is how i want it to look, i think the code have to be changed a little bit. I want the derma window to popup in the middle of the screen

local DButton5
local DButton4
local DFrame3

DButton5 = vgui.Create(‘DButton’)
DButton5:SetSize(100, 25)
DButton5:SetPos(0, 50)
DButton5.DoClick = function() end

DButton4 = vgui.Create(‘DButton’)
DButton4:SetSize(100, 25)
DButton4:SetPos(0, 25)
DButton4.DoClick = function() end

DFrame3 = vgui.Create(‘DFrame’)
DFrame3:SetSize(100, 79)
DFrame3:SetPos(0, 0)

To center the DFrame, use this

local wide = 100
local tall = 79
DFrame3:SetSize(wide, tall)
DFrame3:SetPos( (ScrW() - wide) * 0.5, (ScrH() - tall) * 0.5 )

or you could use

Thank you, I learn each and every day :smile: