Help with lua script?

I really don’t like asking because it makes me feel like i’m asking you to be a slave for me but your guys are are a look more clever than me and i was woundring if you know what i do with this code. i have put it in my lua autorun and it does not run

hook.Add( “DoPlayerDeath”, “pointsonkill”, function( vict, att, dmginfo )

    if not (IsValid(att) and att:IsPlayer() and vict:Team() != att:Team()) then return end

    att:PS_GivePoints( 50, "You were rewarded 50 points for the kill!" )

end )

the highlighted one is the file?

it was to say that when you get a kill you would get 50 points on pointshop i would be so grateful. also i would like to say thank to the guy who made this script he is from face punch cannot rember his name though.

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The code should go into server/“server.lua”

k thanks will try it and get back to you. it dosen’t seem to work i think i’m the biggest noob in the world or their a problem here :S