Help with making a garage

I’m trying to make a garage for a house. I’m trying to make it so it goes down underground. I made buttons that should make the garage work, but it doesn’t. Also, the garage itself is not in the correct position. Could anyone help? Thanks.

Buttons as in opening a garage door? Well make the door a func_door, and make the button a func_button. Tie togather the func_door and func_button by doing this:

  1. Name the button Jim, and name the door Bob.
  2. Go into Jim’s outputs, and make one having when Jim is used, Bob opens.

Simple as that.

I did, but the result was not what I wanted it to be.

Oh yea, and when I did make the button, it moves over to the left. How do I make it so the button doesn’t move?

in the ‘flags’ sectiuon there should be a check that says ‘button does not move’ or something like that, by the way, if your button is parented to something it will NOT stop it from moving in the direction that parent entity is, you seem to be new to mapping so im just trying to to make you not think the wrong things.


too lazy to fix my grammar, i rated myself with bad reading :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Ok, thanks both guys, but one more thing:

Instead of the door going to the right, I want it to go straight down…how do I do this? Thanks again.

In the properties of the door, select “Move Direction (Pitch Yaw Roll)”, and in the 3 numbers enter, “90 0 0”, or if it’s easier for you hit the drop down box and select down.

That did it…thanks everyone for the help :slight_smile:

No problem.