Help with making a map please!

I’m new to Garry’s Mod as you can see. I need help with creating a map though. My problem is that, I downloaded Source SDK and stuff and it lets me use HL2 and 2009 as my engine. I try to make maps on hammer but I’m no good at it. I watched videos on it but nothing helps. I want to start filming videos on it on my own maps but just can’t figure it out. Please help me. And if you know what type of camera to use to film that would be great. Thanks!

Don’t watch Tutorials by 3kliksphillips, watch my video tutorials at and watch Firegod’s.

This, and if you want some good sites to look up tutorials on, I suggest:

Valve Developer Wiki

Good luck. :v:

Download fraps or similar, and use that to record stuff.

Kk thanks to everyone who responded it means a lot. :slight_smile:

Also, for filming in your maps, most would suggest Fraps. I would not. It costs money for a full version, and you need a real good computer to film with it. I’ve found a nice little free client called WeGame. It’s free, it leaves no watermark, it records in pretty good quality, and it saves your clips as AVIs. Plus even with my slow-ass computer I can actually film decent footage.

And why not? I found him very helpful.

He teaches bad methods, he mentions carve in tutorials instead of clip, he’s just a very bad teacher who doesn’t really know what he’s on about, I don’t want to get into it, he’ll be here in a minute to troll us knowing our luck.

4 hours have passed, guess he agrees.

He was joking when he said that. I’ve found most of his tutorials to be pretty useful.

Source recorder is better.

He wasn’t joking, he was deadly serious :colbert:

I gave source recorder a go. It recorded very smoothy, but sound wasn’t in synch, it had bright flashes of colour and visual glitches when I watched my footage, and it saved roughly 3,000 TGA files in my garrysmod folder. I like WeGame, it saves in cute little AVIs. But if source recorder works for you, without messing up the footage, I think it does record in better quality.

No one on this forum who knows what they are on about has ever recommended anyone use that idiots tutorials.

You throw those 3000 tga files into virtual dub, add in the audio file, and compress it. Done, and audio is in sync that way too.

Or, just type “avi” after. Like this “startmovie movienamehere avi”

Then select a nice codec, and wooot, no virtual flub and no adding audio. Its just done.

3kliksphillip probably forgot to correct himself with ads, how can people be stupid enough to not correct themselves?

Well how come he’s horrified whenever someone mentions carve? I’ve never seen him mention carve in any of his videos except for when saying never to use it.

He has reccommended using hollow, carve and has also caused a ruckus a while back for making a “fake dmm” tutorial that told people to use func_breakable glass instead of func_breakable_surf.

He also believes he is a “famous mapper”. Big egos belong in companies like activision and interplay, not in amateur source mapping.