help with making a playermodel

i wanted to create a playermodel of my internet persona
and i did, only the model. its done and ready to rig. although i dont know how to apply the valvebiped skeleton to it
i’d want to request for someone to do it, or provide a clear tutorial how to do it (tried everything, everything fails.)
if anybody wants, i can provide the file quickly
thanks in advance


You’ll have to (im not sure if this works) link each individual bone to a valve bone (Bip01_Pelvic get linked to valvebiped.pelvic bone, or bip01_head1 linked to valvebiped.head) Or re-rig the whole model using the valve bones. (for the first you have to align each bone to the other. to get exact position for smooth animations etc) If i wasnt busy myself i’d do it for you.

oh, i tried that too. it didnt work for me. if you wouldnt be busy, do your stuff i could send the model to you. but i dont want to be an asshole and take your time.

No its completely fine! You can send them i’ll see that they’re done soon :wink:

okay, here’s the blend file and the face texture :

thanks for the help.

Alright, Thanks. I’ll have to convert it into 3ds max (fbx or even .smd) than ill work from here. i’ll start soon

thank you
hail isaa1
edit: can you give it playermodel hands? you know, “his” hands?

after 1 week of waiting i allow myself to ask about the progress, also could you provide me the complete file/model so i can change the face texture as my avatar changes? thanks in advance

If you click the Youtube Icon under my post count, you can find one of my videos on rigging playermodels for Blender if you’re still willing to try that out.